GIFAS Thermlex cable. Highly resistant to chemicals (ozone, oils, fat, many acids and caustics.
The high mechanical resistance guarantees a very long serviceable life.

Fine copper strands, bare, under VDE 0295 category 5.

Cross-linked polyurethane under VDE 207 part 24 HI 2 flame resistant.
Outer sheath of cross-linked polyurethane under VDE 0207 part 24 HM2.
Orange outside cover.

Fire performance:
Slight fire propagation, Minimal smoke development, Halogen-free, Silicon-
free, oil-resistant, flame-resistant

Uses / application areas:
As a connecting or interconnecting cable
- Chemical factories - steel and aluminium plants, - paper mills,
- pharmaceutical industry - engineering, - automobile industry


Technical data
Bending radius 10 times cable diameter
Temperature range in motion -20°C up to +130°C
Temperature range, fixed -35°C up to +130°C
Rated voltage 300 / 500V
Testing voltage 3000V

Free printing of the cable with your company name for orders over 100 m per dimension.



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