Explosion-proof solid rubber cable reel series 518 Ex
Zone 1 + 2


This explosion-proof solid rubber cable reel is suitable for use in explosion-hazardous areas of Zones 1 and 2.
The roller is made of solid rubber (butyl rubber). This material is resistant to oils and greases, guarantees high mechanical strength and stands out due to this cable reel’s high reliability and lifetime.


Technical data
Devices are labelled in accordance
with Directive 94/9/EC
Ex II 2 G / CE 0102
Explosive protection EEx de IIA T6
EC type examination certificate PTB 03 ATEX 1186
Rated voltage up to 750V, 50/60Hz*
Rated current max. 16A*
Ambient temperature range –20° C up to +40° C
Type of protection min. IP54, max. IP66**
Protection class II
Max. charge 3x2.5 mm2 cable:

rolled up 1,000W / 230V
unrolled 3,600W / 230V
Max. charge 5x2.5 mm2 cable:

rolled up 4,800W / 400V
unrolled 11,000W / 400V
Tare weight approx. 8 kg
Max. cable lengths

3x2.5 mm²: 45 m + 5 m
4x2.5 mm²: 45 m + 5 m
5x2.5 mm²: 45 m + 5 m

* The rated values are maximum tolerances; the actual electrical values are ascertained by the built-in electrical equipment, see information on the identification plate.

** The IP code depends on the connectors used (see information on the identification plate).


Safety notes

The cable reel 518 Ex is not suitable for use in the following zones:
Zone 0, Zone 20, Zone 21, and Zone 22.

Please take note of the temperature class and Ignition protection on the devices.

The maximum indicated charges must not be exceeded, in particular when rolled up (see technical data and “Labelling on the cable reel”), so that the cables can be prevented from heating above the unauthorised temperature. No changes or alterations may be made to the cable reels.

The cable reels may only be used if they are undamaged.

Please also take note of the national safety and accident prevention instructions.


Compliance with standards

The basic health and safety requirements are fulfilled if the cable reel complies with
EN 50014:1997 + A1 + A2,
EN 50018: 2000, EN 50019:2000.

The cable reels also comply with European Commission Directive 94/9/ EC:
equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Cable reels are manufactured and tested in compliance with the current status of the technology as per the manufacturing standards
DIN EN 60309: 2000, DIN EN 61242: 1997 and DIN EN 61316: 2000.

GIFAS-ELECTRIC GmbH’s quality management system complies with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.


Maintenance and servicing

equipment in explosion-hazardous areas shall be observed. For example:
In Germany: the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) or VDE 0105 part 9.
In Austria: the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ASchG), Explosion-Hazardous Regulations, Electrical Engineering Order 2002 (ETV 2002)

Disconnect from the power supply before opening cable reel 518 Ex.
The operator shall comply with the required maintenance intervals and repeated inspections respectively.

The cable reel shall be sent to GIFAS for repair if connectors, rollers, or front cover panels are found to be damaged during maintenance works.

Alterations or changes to the cable reel are not permitted.


Maintenance and repair

Solely original GIFAS parts may be used for maintenance and repair.

Maintenance or repairs concerning explosive protection may only be performed by GIFAS or a qualified electrician. This electrician must be familiar with and adhere to the respective standards concerning explosive protection.

All maintenance or repairs must be performed in conformance with national regulations.


Please make absolutely sure you take note of the operating instructions that accompany the products!

Specification Table

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