GIFAS-UNIFLEX-welding cable

Composed of a combined insulation and covering system of PVC and UNIFLEX. The PVC insulation is responsible for a high resistance to disruptive strength, while the UNIFLEX elastomer prevents corrosion of the copper strands. Due to an an exclusive NBR-mixture, we achieve excellent qualities such as extraordinary  toughness, high elasticity (even at lower temperatures), resistance to abrasion and fuels, oils and the most widely used solvents. GIFAS UNIFLEX welding cables withstand a constant conductor temperature of up to 80°C without their outstanding properties being compormised.
Also suitable as defrosting cable.
Similar to NSLFFÖU according to VDE 0282.

Current carrying capacity
Dimension 100% 85% 60% 30%
16 mm² 135A 145A 175A 245A
25 mm² 180A 195A 230A 330A
35 mm² 225A 245A 290A 410A
50 mm² 285A 310A 370A 520A
70 mm² 355A 385A 460A 650A

Other lengths, cross sections, one-way/two-way notch-type cable keys, etc on request.


Specification Table

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Technical Drawings


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GIFAS-UNIFLEX-welding cable

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