Explosion-proof cable reel Series 573 Ex - Zone 1 + 2

This explosion-proof cable reel is suitable for use in zone 1 and 2 explo-sive areas. The drum body is made of elastomer. This material is resistant to oils and fats, guarantees high mechanical resistance and is responsible for the reliability and long service life of this cable reel.

The cable reel excels points with a compact and robust design and a sta-ble tubular steel cradle mounted on ball bearings, whose crank handle can be rotated and folded away.

The cable reel Ex type 573 has been designed for use in industrial ap-plications and meets the requirements of product category 2 (for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, e.g. when using explosive mixtures of gases, mists, vapours or dust in the air).

The applied degrees of protection are «Flameproof Enclosure (d)» and «Increased Safety (e)»; gas group IIC is applicable. The temperature class with respect to the ignition of gas is T6.

Technical Data
Labelling EX II 2G / CE1258
Explosive protection Ex db ed IIC T6 Gb
EC type examination certificate: SEV 18 ATEX 0130
Rated voltage* up to 750 V, 50/60 Hz*
Rated current* max. 32 A*
Temperature range –20° C bis +40° C
Type of protection IP66
Protection class II
Max. charge:
3×2.5 mm2 cable
5×2.5 mm2 cable
5×6 mm2 cable

unrolled 3'600 W / 230 V
unrolled 11'000 W / 400 V
unrolled 22'000 W / 400 V
Tare weight approx. 9 kg
Cable type H07RN-F yellow
Socket types CEAG

* The rated values are maximum values, the actual electrical values are determined by the installed electrical equipment, see nameplate specifications..

Compliance with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements was en-sured through compliance with EN 60079-0: 2012 / A11: 2013 (General requirements), EN 60079-1: 2014 (Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures “d”), EN 60079-7: 2015 (Equipment protection by increased safety “e”), EN 60079-14: 2014 (Electrical installations design, selection and erection) and EN 60529: 2016 (Degrees of protection provided by enclosures).

Area of application
Its robust execution means that the cable reel Ex type 573 is suitable for a wide range of applications for the maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

Areas of application:
–     chemical industry
–     bottling plants for high-proof spirits
–     sewage treatment plants

The target groups are experienced qualified electricians pursuant to the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) and instructed persons.

Product properties and characteristics
The basic properties and advantages of the  explosion-proof cable reel type 573 are:
–     robust housing of conductive elastomer
–     mounting plates for sockets as a connection to the cradle are of stain-less steel
–     the connection is provided via Ex e terminals on the socket
–     a pivot bearing is used instead of a spindle
–     the minimum requirement for the cable is H07

-    extremely low conductivity (<106 Ohm)
-    internal ball bearing
-    hard reel body
-    easy maintenance inside the reel (no additional enclosure)

Please make absolutely sure you take note of the operating instruc-tions that accompany the products!

Specification Table

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