Protect your cable transitions using the GIFAS cable or hose bridge system to avoid accidents and damage.

Ideal for power, gas, water, compressed-air, and hydraulic cables.

These systems tidy up all temporary or permanent sets of cables and make them safe.

The elements can be infinitely extended using integrated or attached connecting plugs.


The main assets at a glance
- Easy installation due to plug-in system
- Versatile in use
- Endlessly extendable
- Easy to retrofit
- Unbreakable
- Highly loadable
- Abrasion proof
- Non-slipping
- Insulating
- Temperature resistant
- Weather resistant
- Resistant against solvents, fuel, oil and salt resistant
- Longevity

GIFAS-Cable bridges hose bridges to be used everywhere and for every purpose
- building sites
- streets
- boardwalks
- public areas
- entertainment districts
- showman
- fairgrounds
- concert halls
- festivity- and sports grounds
- open-air events
- radio, film and television
- production facilities
- company areas
- airports
- ports
- disaster operations
- military
- fire department
- and much more


Specification Table

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Technical Drawings


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